Watch Kendrick Lamar Beckon James Brown on SNL

By Jamilah King Nov 17, 2014

Kendrick Lamar made his second appearance ever on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. This time around, he sported all black contact lenses and showed off some dance moves to his latest hit single "i." It was a soulful performance, backed by a full live band and very reminiscent of James Brown. Watch below. 

The performance did plenty to build up even more anticipation for his forthcoming album. According to Rolling Stone:

In a recent interview, Lamar gave some insight into what listeners can expect from the forthcoming new album, promising "aggression and emotion." "If I can say anything about this record," he said, "it’s that it will connect again." He also noted at the time that he hadn’t yet called in any guest MCs for tracks. "I have so much to say!" he says, laughing. "It’s somewhat selfish of me." But he was happy to share the stage last night. 

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