WATCH: Jill Scott’s New Video Has All the Feelings

By Kenrya Rankin Dec 02, 2015

Jill Scott doesn’t actually appear in the new video for her song “Back Together,” (from this year’s “Woman”) but her voice looms large. Visually captivating, it opens with an internal monologue as lead Donna Michelle Vaughn (“The Lion King”) worries about everything from paying bills to living life on her own terms to the concept of justice as it relates to the scores of black people who have been lost to police violence this year. The video also features the multiethnic Complexions Contemporary Ballet company, which uses movement to illustrate the alternately melancholy and uplifting lyrics, which include the passage:

Going through heartache…aww /
You know I think I lost my mind for a time /
And couldn’t get better /
Couldn’t get no better /
No matter, no matter how hard I tried /
Then I, I looked into your eyes /
And everything felt like it could be all right

Watch the full video, directed by Alan Ferguson, and be moved.