WATCH: Janet Mock Delivers Moving Speech About Black Girls’ Liberation

By N. Jamiyla Chisholm Feb 07, 2020

Janet Mock, writer and director on hit telvision show "Pose," was honored at Essence’s annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon on February 6. Standing alongside co-honorees and "Pose" actors Mj Rodriguez, Angelica Ross and Hailie Sahar, Mock put Black girls front and center in her speech, and accepted the award "on behalf of all those courageous enough to show themselves in a world intent on erasing and shaming us. Your mere presence is revolutionary."

The feminist and transgender rights activist told the audience that Black liberation was intrinsically and undeniably connected to the liberation of all Black girls:

In the world that we see, all Black girls are protected and nurtured, liberated and centered. We are centered because we matter. We are centered because our own liberation as Black people, regardless of our gender or sexuality, lies in the well being and survival of all our sisters. Especially those most vulnerable and most overlooked.

Watch the full speech below, or visit Essence’s Facebook page: