WATCH: House Hears Advocates’ Demands for Net Neutrality

By Sameer Rao Feb 07, 2019

The United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce will listen to net neutrality advocates, and former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairs Tom Wheeler and Michael Powell, discuss the FCC’s repeal of open internet protections today (February 7) beginning at 11 a.m. EST. Watch above to see experts like Jessica J. González, vice president of strategy and senior counsel for Free Press, testify in favor of net neutrality and the safeguards that allow communities of color to speak their truth online.

Read the following excerpt from González’s testimony—released by Free Press ahead of the hearing—for a taste of what’s to come:


People of color were among some of the most vocal critics of the repeal, and for good reason: we have more to lose. Never before in history have barriers to entry been lower for people of color to reach a large audience with our own stories in our own words; to start small businesses; to organize for change. We are unwilling to yield our newfound access.