WATCH Hillary Clinton Talk ‘Super Predator’ Remarks, Hot Sauce on ‘The Breakfast Club’

By Sameer Rao Apr 18, 2016

Ahead of tomorrow’s (April 19) New York primary elections, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on the New York City-based hip-hop morning show "The Breakfast Club." She spoke with the three hosts about a variety of issues. Among them: hot sauce.

When co-host Angela Yee’s asked what she keeps on her at all times, Clinton responded, "Hot sauce." Bewildered co-host Charlamagne Tha God joked in response: "Are you getting in ‘Formation‘ right now? ‘Hot sauce in my bag swag’?" He then remarked, "I want you to know, people are going to see this and say, ‘Okay, she’s pandering to Black people." Clinton asked, "Is it working?" before saying, "Seriously, I’ve been eating a lot of raw peppers and hot sauce.

Charlamagne Tha God also asked Clinton about her controversial "superpredator" remarks. Clinton responded with thoughts about addressing systemic racism. Here’s a transcript of Charlamagne’s and Clinton’s comments, courtesy of Jezebel

Charlemagne: We mentioned the "superpredator" thing. We’ve had discussions about that; the phrasing isn’t what bothers me, I think what bothers me is when people talk about the superpredators but don’t talk about the system that created the superpredators… how do we address the system for that?

Clinton: Well, first of all, I’ve said, I should not have used that word, and you know, I was talking about drug gangs and traffickers and cartels, but it was a poor choice of words. But that’s why the very first speech I gave in this campaign, I went up to Columbia with David Dinkins, someone I really like and admire, because he broke down a lot of barriers…. Let me just make a few points: we need criminal justice reform, and it’s not enough to just have body cameras, although we should have that. We’ve gotta retrain police, we’ve gotta rebuild respect between the communities we’re sworn to protect, and I think President Obama’s policing commission lays a good foundation for that, and I’ve said I will absolutely follow through on it… There is systemic racism that has to be called out and addressed, and I believe I’m in a position to be able to build on the work that Eric Holder, President Obama and others have done by saying this: Look, White people have to recognize that there is systemic racism. And we have to not only address it in the criminal justice system […] we have to address it in jobs, health care, education, everything else. Because there is such ongoing discrimination, and a lot of White people say look, that’s over with, right? We had the Civil Rights Movement, President Obama, what’s the deal? So therefore I think I’m in a good position to say wait, there’s a lot more we have to do.

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