Watch: Grace Jones’ Hilarious, Safe-for-Work ’80s Car Ad

By Qimmah Saafir May 21, 2015

In honor of Grace Jones’s 67th birthday earlier this week, the incomparable icon’s vintage Citroën CX French car commercial has surfaced. 

According to Shadow and Act, the car was available in the United States in the the ’60s but disappeared from the market due to a 1974 saftey ban by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The car landed overseas, and in the mid-80s, Citroën partnered with Grace Jones and her beau, the (often problematic) director/artist Jean-Paul Goude. The company sought to jumpstart their sales and promote their latest model, the CX GTI, in an avant garde campaign. And no one does avant garde (read: metal eyelids) quite like Jones. 

The ad was reportedly banned in several countries for depicting “excessive speeding.” 

Watch the full commercial above.