WATCH: Ever Wondered What ‘Latinx’ Means? This Video Will Explain

By Yessenia Funes Apr 03, 2017

The word “Latinx” is becoming a more and more common gender-inclusive alternative for “Latino” or “Latina.” (We at Colorlines included.)

Some people are still getting used to seeing it, but might not know what purpose it serves. So mitú created a video with video producer Kat Lazo to break it down.

Lazo explains that Latinx is used to 1) dismantle the patriarchy and to 2) break down the gender binary.

The Spanish language separates most objects into feminine or masculine, but the masculine definitely overpowers the language—similar to how “policeman,” “chairman” or even the pronoun “he” was the norm until people realized how they exclude women and, as Lazo put it, “subconsciously tell women and girls that they’re not included.” Now, society prefers “police officer,” “chairperson” and “they.”

In regards to the gender binary, Lazo passes the mic to someone who understands that best. Cris Cardenas, a trans-gender nonconforming person, explains how they identify with Latinx. “This can be really confusing and complicated, and I understand your discomfort because even I had trouble switching my own pronouns,” Cardenas goes on. “Using Latinx may feel strange at first, but know that as a trans and gender nonconforming person, it makes me feel accepted and acknowledged.”

Watch the video above and tell us what you think in the comments.