WATCH: Erykah Badu Breaks Down Social Media in New Interview

By Sameer Rao Dec 18, 2015

Hot off her killer Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session, Erykah Badu talks about her transcendent social media presence, her new mixtape and taking to fans in the latest installment of Okayplayer‘s "The Questions" series. 

The whole interview, which you can see above, takes place in Erykah’s eclectic and cozy apartment. An especially heart-warming section features Ms. Badu talking about how her phone number is actually embedded in her new mixtape’s album art, then cuts to shocked and enamored fans FaceTiming her. 

Erykah also provides hilarious tidbits about using social media, including who she likes to follow on Twitter:

I follow at least a quarter of the people that follow me. And it’s just so interesting to go down my timeline and to read people’s perspectives and point of views [sic] on things. It’s super hilarious. It’s somebody talking about God, it’s somebody talking about hos, and it’s somebody talking about money. So it’s just always like that, no matter how far you go down, you’re going to get those three things. 

Check out the interview above.