WATCH: Comedians and Activists Ask California Governor Jerry Brown, ‘What The Frack?’

By Sameer Rao Nov 17, 2015

A new TV ad features comedians and activists attacking what they describe as California governor Jerry Brown’s hypocritical record on fracking. 

The spot, which features comedians Hector Flores and Kristina Wong alongside anti-fracking activists, humourously addresses the controversy surrounding the natural gas drilling method. The participants say the practice is polluting California’s drinking water as the state endures its worst drought in modern times. Wong sums up the video’s main argument: "You don’t shit where you eat, and you shouldn’t frack where you drink."

The "What The Frack?" ad has aired during broadcasts of "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" in Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Bay Area and in Kern County, where much of the state’s fracking activity is located. Environmental advocacy groups Movement Generation and The Other 98% made the video in collaboration with the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment. Other videos in the series attack systemic issues surrounding the practice, including what participants describe as racism in California fracking, which happens predominantly in low-income Latino communities. This spot arrives just weeks before Brown is scheduled to speak at the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. 

Check out the "What The Frack?" ad above, and visit the campaign’s website for more videos.

(H/t LA Times)