Watch Aura Bogado’s Live Chat with Maria Hinojosa on the Dream 9

Colorlines's Reporter Aura Bogado gives an update on the Dream 9 in a live chat with Maria Hinojosa, Yajaira Saavedra, and Matthew Kolken.

By Von Diaz Aug 07, 2013

Aura Bogado, News Editor for, has been on the scene at the Eloy Detention Center for the past 6 days reporting on the so-called Dream 9. This group of undocumented youth left the U.S. then attempted to re-enter by pentitioning on humanitarian grounds, and were detained on July 22. She has been covering these young people’s experiences day-to-day as they participated in hunger strikes and were put in solitary confinement, and brought attention to the harsh realities inside the immigrant detention facility. As of yesterday, all 9 had established credible fear, which is one step towards getting an asylum hearing. 

In this live Google Hangout today, Bogado talks with journalist Maria Hinojosa from NPR’s Latino USA, activist Yajaira Saavedra–whose brother Marco Saveedra is one of the Dream 9, and immigration attorney Matthew Kolken