Watch Arianna Huffington Tell Former Obama Adviser That Record Deportations Are a ‘Tragedy’

Huffington reminded the former Obama advisor that deporting someone means sending them back to a different country and separating them from their families.

By Jorge Rivas Jun 03, 2013

On ABC’s Sunday morning political affairs program "This Week," Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington confronted former White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe over the Obama administration’s record number of deportation.

Huffington called Obama’s record deportation numbers a "scandal here that neither Democrats, nor Republicans are talking about."

More people have been deported under the Obama administration than over the whole two terms of George Bush. And we’ve had, for example, since 2010 200,000 parents of American citizens being deported for minor offenses," Huffington went on to say. "This is a real tragedy. And if this was being done under George Bush, Democrats would have been up in arms."

"We need some accountability, David, because right now, this goes right against what the president professes to believe in, that detention and deportation system, it is an absolute nightmare for families. It’s a bit like a gulag," Huffington went on to say.