WATCH: Advancing Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump [VIDEO]

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 17, 2019

As the nation faces attacks from conservative politicians who seek to roll back access to reproductive health care, queer, transgender and nonbinary activists of color in the South are fighting back daily. In “Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump,” Shante Wolfe-Sisson—co-founder of advocacy group BLK Pearl—talks to Colorlines about importance of including Black women and nonbinary folks in conversations about reproductive justice.

“Reproductive justice examines power dynamics and how those can serve as barriers to the most marginalized women and non-cis women,” says Wolfe-Sisson, who uses the pronouns they and them. “Making the inclusion of nonbinary and trans women of color in abortion access conversations as a ‘we’ll get to this,’ is constantly what I see within spaces that are dominated by cisgender women. Women and people who are able to conceive are under attack in a very unique way.”

Watch part two of “Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump” with Georgia-based organizer Eshe Shukura. 

Producer: Tiye Rose

Videographer: Lynsey Weatherspoon

Original Music: DJ Liftoff