Ward Connerly Turns to Prison Reform

By Daisy Hernandez Nov 21, 2008

So by now you all know affirmative action was banned in Nebraska and saved in Colorado and in both cases by teeny, tiny margins. One newspaper election night reported that a mere 14,000 voters are the reason Colorado is keeping affirmative action. What you might not know is that Ward Connerly (the Black conservative we love to hate) is no longer going to be pursuing bans on affirmative action. That’s what he’s told the Colorado Independent. Here’s the catch: he’s turning his focus to prison reform. No, no, he’s not talking about locking up more people of color (I know I was surprised myself); he wants to actually talk about alternatives. Here’s a line from the paper: He has developed a passion for the issue because, he said, “I know someone for whom I have great affection who is in this situation. I had to learn a lot more about the system than I ever knew before.” Sigh. If only Ward had known someone he cared about who was in this situation where they had accessed schooling or jobs through affirmative action programs….maybe we could all have been spared from his attacks these years.