W. VA Torture Case Still Not Hate Crime; Indigenous Languages Disappearing

By The News Sep 18, 2007

Still Not a Hate Crime, More Charges Filed in W Va Torture Case Police say Megan Williams, a 20 year old Black woman, was tortured, sexually assaulted, forced to eat animal feces and taunted with a racial slur. The six people charged, all of them white, for torturing this woman for more than a week at a ramshackle trailer have not, however, been charged with a hate crime. DC Seeks Answers, Gun After Teen Killed By Cop Monday night, a 14 year old was fatally shot by an off duty cop, out of uniform and acting on his own to find a minibike that he believed was stolen from his home. Mayor Fenty is being urged by the victim’s family to find the missing gun that he allegedly fired at off-duty cops and ultimately led in his death. Indigenous Languages Face Extinction Because colonial languages are perceived as superior, indigenous people across the globe are at risk of losing their native languages.A new analysis pinpoints five regions in the world where languages are most in danger of disappearing. D.C. Residents Protest BET CEO, Offensive Programming Hundreds gathered at BET chief executive, Debra Lee’s, home demanding that the network stop airing what they call demeaning and offensive portrayals of African Americans. Investigation Revealed Injustice Before ‘Jena Six’ Louisiana’s Black youth are six times more likely to be locked up than white youth says an investigative report four years before the incident in Jena. While the public outcry has helped the ‘Jena Six’ gain justice, others have not been as lucky. Isiah Thomas And The B-Word After Isiah Washington’s bout with the f-word, Thomas, New York Knicks head coach, finds himself in similar word hot water. Thomas believes there is a difference between a white man and a Black man calling a Black woman a bitch.