VT Shooting gets Congressional Focus, Bill Passed

By The News Jun 13, 2007

Wendi Muse at Does Race Matter looks at Congress and its handing of some gun control policy in the wake of the VT shooting. She writes:

In reaction to the Virginia Tech tragedy, Congress has decided to do a little work on gun control. According to this AP filing posted a few minutes ago, "The House Wednesday passed what could become the first major federal gun control law in over a decade." Wow. . . it’s about freakin’ time. It’s unfortunate that the VT shooting compelled the legislation, but a part of me wonders… just wonders…if the image of an armed "foreign" person (he and his family were residents of the US but not considered legal citizens)is what scared them into doing it and not just a need to limit arms availability…hmmm

And this is me, Malena speaking now. But I personally think it’s frightening when people of color commit these kind of crimes, because it sort of confirms my suspicion that acculturation into predominantly white environments and racism, when not checked by enlightenment and therapy can make a person snap.