Voters Wait in Long Lines to Cast Ballots; New Citizens Head to Polls

By The News Nov 04, 2008

New Citizens Head to Polls "In California, more than 298,000 new citizens were sworn in this year, up 39 percent from about 182,000 naturalizations last year. That surge is adding to a growing Latino electorate in California, as have similar registration efforts in such swing states as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida." Sacramento Bee. Voters Prepare for Long Lines, Ballot Problems With an expected record turnout–with new voters and unlikely voters heading to the polls–many expect long lines and ballot problems as they wait to cast their votes today. ABC News. ‘Healthy’ Schism in South African Ruling Party "Former president F.W. de Klerk, co-winner of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela for their efforts in ending apartheid, said South African democracy is strong enough to survive a split in the ruling African National Congress." The Star. Court Blocks White House Push on Medicare Expenses "A federal court has blocked the Bush administration’s effort to save money on Medicare by paying for only the least expensive treatments for particular conditions." New York Times.