Voters in Predominantly Black Ohio Suburb Forced to Cast Provisional Ballots

By Jorge Rivas Nov 06, 2012

A number of residents in Forest Park, a predominantly black suburb outside Cincinnati, are reporting they’re being forced to cast provisional ballots because records incorrectly show they already submitted an absentee-ballot.

The state Board of Election says the issue was caused by a "human error" but Forest Park residents–65% of them who are black–will still have to file a provisional ballot

WKRC-TV has more details about the "human error" thats preventing msny Forest Park voters from casting their ballots today:

We learned of it from a couple who lives in Forest Park and who vote at Word of Deliverance Church. When Acquanitia and Thomas Moxley showed up this morning, a poll worker said that they already voted absentee. The Moxley’s contend they never requested an absentee ballot-nor did they fill one out. They say they’ve voted at the polls every year since they turned 18 years old.

Precinct officials told them to cast a provisional ballot. Wilson went down to the Board of Elections, where the deputy director checked the official list and confirmed the Moxley’s story.

Meanwhile, other voters began reporting similar problems. Officials finally figured out that human error is to blame and affects the voters at only that Forest Park polling. Those voters will be asked to cast a provisional ballot. Officials will wait ten days to count the votes-but they will be counted.

Ohio has 18 electoral votes and it’s important to note that no Republican candidate has won the presidency without carrying the state.