A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for White Supremacy [Op-Ed]

By Tef Poe Jul 31, 2020

The only thing the American people can consistently expect from President Donald J. Trump, aside from incoherent and bigoted rantings, is lying. Hands down, Trump is the world’s greatest liar. The general sentiment of this rather short sentence shouldn’t surprise anyone, but for some equally shocking reason, it still does. Rich and wealthy white men don’t have any accountability partners in this society. Why? Well, mainly because this their society, specifically crafted in their likeness and comfort.

Donald Trump has benefited from white supremacy and his own incompetence his entire life. Every president lies. As leader of the free world, lying to the public is how the proverbial “they” protect their interests. But Trump’s lies have allowed systemic racism and violence to manifest in the lives of citizens without any real government intervention or accountability in ways many never thought possible again. After months of turmoil and unrest over the value of Black life, we are faced with the weight of the looming 2020 election. We cannot skirt around the reality that a vote for Trump isn’t just a vote for a narcissistic liar, it’s a vote to continue the reign of white supremacy in this country. 

This basic factoid should be no revelation to you, the reader. All presidents lie, but Trump’s delusions are literally resulting in the deaths of Black and Brown people and those living in poverty every day. All the while, he claims that Black unemployment numbers are the lowest of all time and that he’s done more for Black people than both Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman combined. His most recent series of fallacies are rooted in the idea that there’s a war against the police that will leave white people unsafe if he’s no longer Commander-in-Chief. 

Trump fails at a lot of things, but he succeeds in taking the art of lying to another level. There’s an uncanny number of untruths flying off of his tongue, every second of the day. Police brutality is a metric of abuse he’s endorsed against Black people long before stepping foot into the White House. But last Tuesday during a CBS interview which aired asking him, “Why are Black people still dying at the hands of enforcement?” The world’s most elite idiot replied, "And so are white people, so are white people. What a terrible question to ask. So are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people," Trump aimlessly murmured. We all know this is fatuity at its finest, but here are the facts. 
rnResearch from various news sources including Al-Jazeera, The Washington Post, and The Black Agenda Report indicate, almost half the people murdered by the police are white. While white people make up close to 62 percent of the American population, Black people account for only 13 percent of the people living in the United States. Let me break this down for the simpletons. The American white population is five times larger than the African American population. So, this means unarmed Black people are five times more likely to be shot and killed by the police. In a logical society, one that is not dominated by the milky glaze of whiteness, this would be considered an act of intentional genocide. The U.S. has invaded so-called third-world countries, destabilized anti-capitalist economies and toppled unpopular dictators for much less. 

There is no war on law enforcement currently taking place in the United States. There has never been an effective war cry against the police launched from the hearts of Black people. Although we have experienced several moderate successes, through policy change and placated convictions with light sentencing, Black people’s war cry against police brutality has failed to accomplish our overall goal—defund the police and protect all Black people from state-sanctioned violence (despite gender, religion, socio-economic status and sexual preference). 
rnIn 2014, I participated in the Ferguson Uprising in St. Louis. We stood in the streets for over 400 days with people from our community who wanted to see accountability for the senseless murder of an unarmed teenager by the name of Michael Brown Jr. A white police officer named Darren Wilson killed him in cold blood and the American judicial system helped this monster get away with murder. 
rnMost people on the ground originally showed up because they wanted “justice”—a  shallow open-ended sentiment with a light-hearted demand for punishment for the killer and community atonement from the Ferguson police department. However, once it was discovered that “justice” was not invited to the party, the community shifted into a space where the necessary “revolution” quickly replaced Lady Justice and her feeble rhetoric of peace and transformation. The police in the United States are a direct descendent of the Black Codes, a series of oppressive Jim Crow laws that made it legally permissible to kill Black people for being human. Places like Ferguson, where coastal elitism is non-existent and Black folks can’t afford to go to the dentist on the regular—so our teeth aren’t as pearly white as you’d hope—still function like modern-day sundown towns. The descendants of the barbarians who bombed and burned down Black Wall Street have now exchanged their bleached white hoods for metallic badges and wooden nightsticks. 

Donald Trump knows nothing about this, but then again maybe he does. In 1989 five Black male teenagers were falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of rape in New York City. Trump took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for these young Black boys be murdered by way of the death penalty. Though each of them was later exonerated, Trump refused to apologize for his role in criminalizing these innocent Black men. 
rnLet’s be clear about the engrossing narrative of a true and living racist wanna-be Ronald Regan gaslighting the public as if his information pool is anything besides Roger Stone and Breitbart. His comments supporting the non-factual idea that more white people are murdered by the police is actually a white supremacist talking point. In conclusion we must say that a vote for Donald Trump is effectively a vote for the Neo Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan … and a pathological liar. 

Tef Poe is rapper, musician, activist and co-founder of the Hands Up United movement, founded in Ferguson, Mo., after the killing of Michael Brown Jr. Tef has consistently advocated for grass-roots involvement in improving the lives of African Americans and racial justice within and outside the United States.