Violence is Not Justice, Says Oscar Grant PSA

PSA pushes for peace should Johannes Mehserle be found not guilty of any charges in Grant's killing.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Jul 02, 2010

**Update @ 6 PM ET**: Log in to the Youth Uprising [YouTube page]( to watch the video. ……………. A public service ad was released late last night by [Youth UpRising](, a youth empowerment group based in Oakland, Calif.–where tensions are building surrounding the Oscar Grant trial and the [verdict that’s expected next week]( While the [Oakland police department ]( and [business owners]( prepare for the worst (if the BART cop is acquitted, some expect riots to ensue), community advocacy groups are preparing for the peace–or at least pushing for it. The Youth UpRising PSA video does a relatively good job of including all community vantage points (bits of commentary from a police captain, everyday people, urban advocacy groups and community leaders) by relaying a message most people already embrace: Yes, people are angry about police brutality and what happened to Oscar Grant on that platform, but that anger does not have to manifest into violence. Anger can be channeled for change. The ad even includes a nice mantra that can be delivered quite effectively via bullhorn during peaceful demonstrations: "Violence is not Justice!" It seems that although the mainstream [media]( are allowing the risk of riots to dominate their coverage, those within the Oakland community know that the people are capable of so much more.