Villaraigosa Calls for More Black-Latino Unity; MA Rep. Calls Republican Attacks on Housing Racist

By The News Oct 07, 2008

Mass. Dem: Attack on Housing Is Racially Motivated While speaking at a mortgage symposium in Boston, Rep. Barney Frank suggested that the GOP’s attacks on the Community Reinvestment Act and government efforts to expand affordable housing were racially based. “This is an effort, I believe, to appeal to a kind of anger in people," said Barnes. Associated Press. Villaraigosa Calls for Black-Latino Unity Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa, speaking at the National Black Latino Summit, said Latinos and Blacks need to set racial strains and differences aside and work together by addressing systemic inequity such as poverty and the lack of opportunity. Los Angeles Times. Race and the Presidential Election Debates While it may not be a central topic in media debates, most people are aware of the racial politics at play with this election. “I have a concern that going into Election Day, in a dead heat, there could be some drop-off in support of Obama, of one or two points, because some voters are conflicted about race in this election,” said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi. Politico. Immigration Enforcement Problems Growing Recent reports by both the Washington Post and the LA Times suggest that government efforts at immigration enforcement are failing miserably. Indiscriminate arrests as well as extended incarcerations are stressing an already broken system, argue critics. AlterNet.