Vigilante Immigrant Hunters Go North

By Daisy Hernandez Feb 21, 2007

Most people think of San Francisco as the hub for gay folks and liberal politics, i.e. this isn’t the place to come if you’re a homophobe or racist. But that’s begun to change in a new way. The Bay Area is now home to the anti-immigrant group the Minutemen. The group, which is mostly concentrated in the South along the U.S.-Mexico border, has opened a local chapter, the Golden Gate Minutemen. Down South, they’re known for harassing and attacking immigrants. But in case you’re worried that these folks are heading North with their racism, their local leader Charles Birkman says the Minutemen are screened for racist tendencies and violence prior to admission. Wow, and we thought they were admitted based on their tendencies for racism and violence. Now, if we can screen the Minutemen for racism, can we do that with Bush?