We’ve talked a bit about some of our favorite young, queer change-makers and the tremendous obstacles they face on their roads to glory. Rod McCullom notes at his blog that while well-written shorelines are becoming more prevalent on network TV, the change has been slow to reach many black sitcoms. But that may be changing with a recent episode of "Are We There Yet?", a TBS sitcom that’s produced by rapper Ice Cube. In the episode "The Boy Has Style" viewers meet Cedric, a stylish football player who’s become the object of main character Lindsay’s crush.

"It’s an enjoyable episode, if for no other reason than it’s simplicity and the non-plussed attitude shown by the parents and daughter," McCollum writes.

Atlanta blogger Darian Aaron also wrote about its refreshing simplicity..

"There’s no attempt to lie about who he is and his honesty is received with respect. The episode is a step in the right direction and one can only hope it will serve as a blueprint for other shows such as TV One’s Love That Girl which relies heavily on stereotypical gay characters for laughs."

If you’re interested, go ahead and watch the entire episode. Or read more about why people are loving it.