Vietnamese-American Congressman Defies Odds, Makes History; Teacher Apologizes for Binding Black Students

By The News Dec 08, 2008

Joseph Cao Becomes First Vietnamese-American Elected to Congress In New Orleans, Anh "Joseph" Cao recently defeated the incumbent William J. Jefferson, and won a seat in Congress as its first Vietnamese-American Representative. While the scandal surrounding Jefferson surely helped Cao, he overcame a number of other obstacles of his own, given his background as a member of a largely underrepresented ethnic community, as well as being a Republican in a district that is predominantly Democrat.New York Times. Teacher Enchains Black Students in Slavery Lesson A white social studies teacher in White Plains, NY, attempted to enliven a seventh-grade discussion of slavery by binding the hands and feet of two black girls, prompting outrage from one girl’s mother and the local chapter of the NAACP. Associated Press. Black Conservatives Want Obama Out Justice Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes are questioning the validity of Obama’s presidency, backing their claims by challenging the legitimacy of Obama’s U.S. citizenship. Newsday. Respectfully Riffing on Faith A columnist explores how religious humor actually helps create understanding, and allows comics who are serious about their faith to find avenues for themselves and their audiences to not to take life so seriously. USA Today. NYPD Cop to Be Indicted on Subway Assault "A New York City police officer accused of sodomizing a Brooklyn man with a police baton on a subway platform will be indicted on charges of aggravated assault tomorrow, according to the accuser’s attorney." Newsday.