Videos That Make You Go Mmm

By Daisy Hernandez May 20, 2009

Two hipsters set out to make a commercial for a local furniture store in North Carolina. They decide to go with the personal angle and quickly discover that the white and black guys selling furniture are most comfortable saying two things in front of the camera: their names and their race. The hipsters decide to go with it….all the while asking themselves, "Why do we find this so funny?" Maybe because at the end of the day you’re mocking working-class folks. Maybe because the idea of selling furniture that’s good for your race is downright silly. Maybe because it’s more comforting to laugh than to ponder why people in this part of North Carolina feel the weight of their race, black and white. File this one under "Made me laugh uncomfortably." Oh, yeah and one million views later on YouTube…. And behind the scenes….