Video: Teen Arrested at McKinney Pool Party Tells His Side of the Story

By Sameer Rao Jun 10, 2015

Adrian Martin, a black 18-year-old, was the only person arrested at a now-infamous June 5 pool party in the Craig Ranch neighborhood of McKinney, Texas.

Martin, a party guest, says he only approached David Eric Casebolt, the white police corporal who had pulled black 15-year-old Dejerria Becton to the ground, because he was trying to calm Becton down. Casebolt drew his gun in response and Martin started running. He was charged with interfering with police and evading arrest.

Before yesterday’s announcement from McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley that included news of both Casebolt’s resignation and dropping of charges against Martin, the teenager appeared alongside attorney Heath Harris in a video interview with The Dallas Morning News to tell the story from his perspective. 

Said Martin about the environment of the party: "There was no drinking, no smoking, like other people said there was…it was just a normal teenage party, it was safe." 

Martin added that he didn’t intend to infringe on Casebolt while he had the young woman pinned to the ground, just that he wanted to console her since she was distressed. He says that he went toward Casebolt because a friend accidentally bumped into him.

Click below to see the full video, and click here to see The Dallas Morning News’s full story.