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By Jorge Rivas Sep 14, 2010 has been building a home for journalism in service to racial justice since 1998. Our multiracial team of writers, producers and photographers cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers.

In an investigative report for, Brian Palmer and Seth Freed Wessler dug into 25-year-old Hossain’s shocking story of deportation–a story that reveals just how indiscriminate the expanding deportation dragnet has become, and how badly immigration reform has unfolded in Washington. Watch how the story unfolds below.

Deportation Horror: A Journey From Texas to Bangladesh

To download an MP4 file of "Deportation Horror: A Journey From Texas to Bangladesh," please right-click this link and download the file. [4:19, 19 megabytes, 480×270]

How Does It Feel To Be Stopped and Frisked? goes to Brownsville, where 93 out of every 100 residents are stopped and questioned by the police, to ask about the effects of the controversial policy.

Oakland Responds to Oscar Grant Verdict hit the streets after a transit officer was convicted of the lowest charges in the fatal shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant to hear from Oakland residents.