[VIDEO] Million Hoodies for Justice Has an Inauguration Day Message for the Anxious Masses

By Akiba Solomon Jan 20, 2017

Members of the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, the chapter-based, multiracial youth group bourne out of the Trayvon Martin travesty, has a message on this inauguration day, but it’s not for President Trump.

It is, instead, for the folks of many stripes who are feeling anxiety, fear and disgust about the incoming administration. Among those speaking is a Muslim member whose mother fears going to Walmart in her hijab; a Latinx woman who wonders why an Electoral College hatched in part to perpetuate slavery can still supplant the popular vote; and a Black gender nonconforming person who wonders how much more systemic and interpersonal violence is in store for their community. The takeaway? People in vulnerable communities might feel alone, but they certainly are not. Take a look: