VIDEO: The Kominas’ Hilarious ‘See Something Say Something’ Sends Up Xenophobic Paranoia

By Sameer Rao Aug 13, 2015

As much as they make fun of xenophobic sentiment in their music and art, The Kominas deal with the real-world effects of American anti-immigrant racism all the time. When we spoke to them for our "Breaking" series, as they were set to release their fantastic album "Stereotype," the four-piece rock band (whose members are all Desi) addressed how their ideological stance and American policy criticism put at least one member on a federal watchlist. 

Maybe it’s because of this deep knowledge of xenophobic policy that their satire is so precise and hilarious. Their video for the standout track "See Something Say Something," which was released Wednesday via an NPR premiere, is a hilarious send-up of racist paranoia. A white man on the New York subway envisions all the brown people in his midst as evil, with band members Karna Ray and Shahjehan Khan as vampires while eating burritos. His delusions lead him to call the authorities on a brown man with a tiffin container (used by many South Asians to carry food), whose picnic is ruined by a bomb squad and men with ominous sunglasses. 

Check out The Kominas’ video for "See Something Say Something" above, and if you’re in Philadelphia, check them out tomorrow during Rockers BBQ Weekend