VIDEO: Jessica Williams Hires ‘Helper Whitey’ During ‘Daily Show’ Flag Bit

By Sameer Rao Jun 24, 2015

In a hilarious send-up of both the recent Confederate flag debates and the ways in which white audiences don’t trust the perspectives of people of color, "The Daily Show" brought "senior race correspondents" Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper to the table for what was supposed to be a panel discussion on the flag’s symbolism.

Instead of sticking to that topic, the show satirized the influence of prominent white commentators (like Stewart) by showing Klepper taking an oppositional and defensive stance to every one of Williams’s systemic arguments before Stewart, basically re-explaining Williams’s position, diffuses the situation and frustratingly changes Klepper’s mind (with Klepper perfectly portraying the "enlightenment" without self-awareness that so many people of color see white people experience all the time).

Williams articulates the painful truth–"For some reason, black people need a white person to get their message out,"–before going out into the world with her own "helper whitey," a beareded white man who stops a white man from trying complicated handshakes, a white woman from touching her hair and a white police officer from calling backup when she gets upset over a dropped ice cream cone. 

Check out the video above.