[VIDEO] Immigration Organizer Abril Gallardo Talks Growing Up Undocumented, Racist Policing and the Confederate Flag

By Tiye Rose Jul 21, 2017

“Resistance Maricopa: Abril Gallardo” is one of a five-part video series from Colorlines featuring activists in Maricopa County, Arizona, who are fighting to protect communities and families from detention and deportation amidst a political climate that’s growing increasingly hostile toward immigrants. 

Abril Gallardo is an activist at LUCHA (Living United for Change Arizona) who immigrated to the United States as a child and  now fights against hate language and racial discrimination. In this Colorlines video she reflects on the strength she sees in the undocumented immigrant community, and the importance of getting involved. 

Producer: Tiye Rose
Co-Producer: Hendel Leiva 
Photo Credit:  Diego Lozano
Additional Video Credit:  Jennifer Cain and Angélica Maria Casas