VIDEO: Idris Elba Sorta Breakdances in New ‘Star Trek’ Philanthropic Promo

By Sameer Rao Jul 20, 2015

For everybody waiting on the impeccable Idris Elba’s next role (or heck, even his next praiseworthy social media appearance), the wait is over. Elba acknowledged his new starring role in the upcoming "Star Trek" film, in what is presumed to be a villainous role, by breakdancing (sort of) in the above video. 

The dancing came at the tail-end of what was otherwise a choreographed video by the stars of the Star Trek film (including returning stars Zoe Saldaña and John Cho) for a philanthropic initiative called "Star Trek: To Boldly Go." Fans can bid on a variety of products ranging from "Star Trek" memorabilia to advanced personal screenings of the new film, while also being entered for a chance to star in a walk-on role. 

So maybe Elba’s not the dancer we’d hope for, but the British actor (who spent formative parts of his career in America, DJing and making his own music for part of it) and his new role are certainly worth celebrating. 

(H/t Vanity Fair)