This Video Explains Why Climate Change Is About More Than Polar Bears

By Yessenia Funes Mar 31, 2017

Confused about how environmentalism is about more than polar bears and whales? Environmental news site Grist has an explanation.

In a video published yesterday (March 30), Grist fellow Sabrina Imbler takes on the task of explaining how to talk climate change to a friend who’s a “total hippie cliché.”

The video features Brad, a “polar bear environmentalist.” He is seemingly ignorant to what asthma and people have to do with climate change. 

“I’m tired of talking about polar bears when there are more important victims of climate change,” Imbler tells him.

She means people of color who have to deal with extreme droughts, rising seas, storms, nearby polluting coal plants or oil spills. Imbler makes it clear that these folks don’t have the luxury to “just move,” as Brad suggests. Why?

“They’re not rich, and they’re not White,” Imbler says.

This video is the latest in Grist’s series “Cooler Talk,” which is full of how-tos on talking to friends about climate change. Watch the video above and check out Grist’s other videos on the friend who reads fake news and the one who feels like the world is doomed.