VIDEO: Check Out The New Season 2 Trailer for ‘Black Jesus’

By Sameer Rao Sep 09, 2015

For those anxiously awaiting the return of Black Jesus—that is, the irreverent Adult Swim show that reimagines Jesus Christ’s trials and tribulations in Compton—here’s some good news.

A new trailer for second season of the show, which is perhaps most noteworthy as the latest project for co-creator Aaron McGruder after his seemingly-acrimonious departure from "The Boondocks," appeared on Adult Swim’s Twitter page yesterday.

Picking up where last season left off, Black Jesus (played by Gerald "Slink" Johnson) is released from incarceration in a mental health facility and rejoins his beleaguered group of followers (played by Corey Holcomb, Kali Hawk, Antwon Tanner, Andrew Bachelor and Andra Fuller) for ongoing struggles against police, drug kingpins, the followers’ own families and a disgruntled resident (played by Charlie Murphy). All the while, the group espouses the gospel from a fish taco truck—replacing the community garden that police bulldozed at the end of last season. 

Season two of "Black Jesus" premieres on Adult Swim on September 18 at 11 pm EST. Watch the trailer above.