US Takes Away Fulbrights From Palestinian Students; Massachusetts Program to Offer Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants

By The News May 30, 2008

Black Anti-Smoking Group Cool to Bill A bill to regulate tobacco products has lost the support of the National African American Tobacco Prevention Network, which said Thursday that the legislation failed to adequately protect the health of Black people because it would not ban menthol cigarettes. New York Times. Pilot Program to Offer Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants Starting this summer, Massachusetts Department of Public Health plans to enroll 50 uninsured people from a group of patients currently relying on the state’s Safety Net Pool to cover their medical costs. Given the recent health insurance mandate tracked through income tax returns, that group is now largely made up of illegal immigrants. MetroWest Daily News. Palestinian Students’ Fulbright Scholarships Pulled "The American State Department has withdrawn all Fulbright grants to Palestinian students in Gaza hoping to pursue advanced degrees at American institutions this fall because Israel has not granted them permission to leave." New York Times. Governor’s Gay Uncles Help Shape His Views David Paterson’s Uncle Ron and Uncle Stanley, family friends who helped raise the Governor in Harlem in the 1960s, led him to accept gay and lesbian people early in life and shape his politics. Paterson’s story demonstrates that Blacks are not more homophobic than any other group and that gays and lesbians have always been crucial parts of the community. New York Times.