U.S. Receives Refugees Like Criminals, and Other News

By The News May 01, 2009

In U.S., Refugees Received Like Criminals Asylum-seekers in the United States are often met with prisoner-like treatment, and are housed in poorly managed and maintained detention facilities, according to a new report by Human Rights First. Human Rights First No Need for Panic Over Swine Flu Health officials within the Latino community advise the public to remain calm regarding the recent swine-flu epidemic, now often unfairly associated with people of Hispanic descent. Health experts recognize that stereotyping may have led to a decline in clients seeking medical services. Medill= Black Leaders Seek Stimulus Funds Black officials gathered in the Capitol building in Sacramento to address concerns over the equal distribution of stimulus money, aiming to ensure that urban communities in need of the most resources do not get neglected. Sacramento Bee "Other-ing" Asians, Again A recent poll titled "Still The Other?" conducted by the Committee of 100 reveals that many Americans still subscribe to racist stereotypes about Asians and Asian Americans. Hyphen