US Leads the World’s Inmate Count; Murdoch Wants More Media

By Jonathan Adams Apr 23, 2008

US Imprisons Quarter of World’s Inmates At rates six times the median of all nations, the United States is the leads the world by far in producing prisoners. Some blame the use of imprisonment for numerous nonviolent crimes for the inmate count. Though race is dismissed as a factor for the inmate count in the article, the United States’ prison system does share its overrepresentation of people of color with many other nations around the world. New York Times. Murdoch Fights for Media Monopoly On the heels of news that Rupert Murdoch is closing a deal with the Tribune Company for Newsday, he will also petition the FCC to waive a rule that forbids one company from owning more than one paper and one television station in the same market. New York Times. Kennedy Introduces Pay Discrimination Bill Though President Bush plans to veto it, Senator Ted Kennedy plans to introduce a bill that would reverse a controversial Supreme Court ruling to "allow workers to file pay-discrimination claims within 180 days of receiving a paycheck affected by a discriminatory pay decision, rather than within 180 days of the actual decision to pay them less." Boston Globe. El Barrio Fights International Gentrification Committed to keeping their East Harlem neighborhood for its residents, El Barrio is rallying with allies across the pond against a UK-based developer who attempted to buy up their block and force them out of their community. Evo Morales Has an Answer Bolivia’s president believes there are ways to counter capitalism’s impact on the climate and on food supplies. Newsweek.