US Could Boycott Anti-Racism Conference Again; Infant Died in Immigration Detention

By The News Feb 14, 2008

ICE Raids County Jail In Search of Immigrants "Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton has agreed to let federal immigration agents set up an office in the county jail to more often monitor whether inmates booked into the downtown facility are legally in the United States." Statesman. Torture is Inhumane, Boneheaded Nicholas Kristof editorializes about the United States’ torture of an Al-Jazeera cameraman, Sami al-Hajj, whose popularity he compares to Katie Couric. Kristof argues that with the continued detainment of al-Hajj, "Guantánamo itself does far more damage to American interests than Mr. Hajj could ever do." New York Times. Rice Suggests US Will Boycott Anti-Racism Conference Again Though no official decision has been made, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice says that the United States will not attend the 2009 UN Anti-Racism Conference in Durban, South Africa if it becomes anti-Semitism. International Herald Tribune. Infant Dies During Detainment by Immigration Officers At Honolulu International Airport on Friday, a two week old Samoan baby who had come to the United States for heart surgery died while being detained with his mother and a nurse in a locker room. Honolulu Advertiser.