Uranium rips native land; Pop Quiz

By The News Jun 01, 2007

Blacks in Jazz Decry Exclusion Who owns Jazz? When Yoshi’s jazz club in Oakland released its much-anticipated 10-year anniversary CD last month, local jazz aficionados were outraged that no African American musicians were included. –SF Chronicle Blighted Homeland-a multi-part series. You may want to sit down for this one. During the Cold War, uranium mines left contaminated waste scattered around the Navajo Nation. Homes built with it silently pulsed with radiation. People developed cancer. And the U.S. did little to help. –LATimes Big Disparities in Judging of Asylum Cases. More reason why Immigration Bill needs reconsideration. Asylum seekers in the United States face broad disparities in the nation’s 54 immigration courts, with the outcome of cases influenced by things like the location of the court and the sex and professional background of judges, a new study has found. –NYTimes Can you name these six Asians in history? Pop Quiz Folks! –Dallas Morning News Wisdom Watch: Dr. Joycelyn Elders. Take a listen. This week’s Wisdom Watch segment features Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the first African-American United States Surgeon General. The medical pioneer talks about the state of the nation’s health and reflects on her time as America’s chief health educator. –NPR.org A Growing Demand for the Rare American Imam. Young Muslims have needs too. ..as the first generation of American-born Muslims begins graduating from college in significant numbers, with a swelling tide behind them, some congregations are beginning to seek native imams who can talk about religious and social issues that seem relevant to young people, like dating and drugs. –NYTimes Stay tuned for more today…