UPDATE: Only English When Playing Golf

By Hatty Lee Sep 05, 2008

We spoke and they listened. LPGA backs down on English-only rule . Just two hours before the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and civil rights groups planned a new conference in Los Angeles, LPGA Tour commissioner announced that they will back off their discriminatory policy. It didn’t take them long to realize how ridiculous this rule is. Editor’s note: Since posting this piece, California Senator Leland Yee has started a petition to oppose the LPGA policy to require its athletes to speak English. Our organization, the Applied Research Center, has signed on. Take action and urge the LPGA to rescind the policy. The LPGA has passed a new rule that all players are required to speak English, beginning next year, or risk suspension. Seriously? When did language become an essential part of playing golf? Or is the fact that seven of the LPGA’s Top 20 players are Korean and international players have won 19 of 24 events this year — six by Lorena Ochoa of Mexico, seven by Asians. The LPGA is drawing much criticism over this new rule. Some are questioning the legality of it as well. This definitely seems like a bad move by the LPGA. The NBA and baseball leagues have many international players as well, but they are not required to speak English. What would American sports look like if all the major sports associations required athletes prove that they are conversant in English?