Update: NBA Double Standard for Spanish Players’ Racist Conduct?

By Jonathan Adams Aug 11, 2008

UPDATE: h/t angry asian man After appearing in a team "slant eye" photo, Spain’s basketball team has responded to the controversy. Two members of the team, Paul Gasol and Jose Calderon actually play for the NBA and they said they didn’t understand all the fuss being made over their poses. Jason Kidd, an NBA player and member of the US Olympic basketball team suggests that if Black men were in that picture there would have been even greater outrage. Read more at angry asian man. Even if you haven’t watched a single event, I’m sure you’ve heard about the grand opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. While the international event is hailed as a unifying time (especially as world super powers are at war), some can’t seem to leave their racism at home. Beijing gave out a guide to its residents about the dos and donts of hospitality during the Olympics, but the Spanish basketball team–whose country has changed laws in favor of immigrants recently–seems to be taking a page out of the How To Be A Racist book. [The Guardian]