Upcoming Primary to Focus on Immigration; Border Photos Get Mexican Children Expelled

By The News Jan 02, 2008

Republicans Focus on Immigration in Iowa While there is still no clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination, the candidates have made immigration the key issue to prove their conservatism to voters. Washington Post. Obama Needs Iowa’s Black Vote In hopes of setting himself apart of the other Democratic candidates after Iowa, Barack Obama has been campaigning hard in Iowa’s Black community despite the fact that it only represents 5% of the population. New York Times. HIV Cases Go Up Among Young Gay Men of Color The number of overall HIV cases has dropped recently in New York City, but health experts say that the number of infected young gay men of color is on the rise due to increased drug use and unsafe sex. New York Times. Photos Get Mexican Children Kicked Out of US Schools California schools have started to use photos of Mexican children taken at the border as evidence that they are residents of Mexico and not the U.S. to expel them from schools. El Paso Times.