A "long-brewing business plan" between the Walt Disney Co. and Univision Communications Inc. to create a new 24-hour cable-news channel that will broadcast in English was uncovered by the Washington Post on Tuesday.

Univision recently started offering english subtitles on their Spanish-language telenovelas and also launched an english language daily news blog on Tumblr. All signs that point to the network reaching out to a latino english speaking audience, insiders say.

Univision News’ site describes the organization as the "#1 source for uncompromising, bold coverage of current events from a Latino perspective – in English."

Univision and ABC News have previously teamed up to conduct polls on Latino voters. 

"The demographics are favorable. The channel would be geared toward English-speaking Hispanics in the United States, whose numbers are growing," the NY Times’ Brian Stelter said about the plan." Many advertisers want more ways to reach Hispanics, and big media companies want to help."

The partnership may also be part of a cost-saving strategy. "Network news divisions like ABC have been under financial pressure for some time now. By sharing some resources with Univision, ABC could trim some of the news gathering costs it incurs," Stelter went on to say.

Univision is owned by a consortium of partners, including the Saban Capital Group and TPG Capital. ABC News is owned by the Walt Disney Inc.