University of Delaware Officials Insist Ropes Were Not Nooses Amid Concerns Of Hate Imagery

By Sameer Rao Sep 24, 2015

Nationwide debates about racial tension and racism on college campuses were magnified this week after ropes that looked like nooses were found on the campus of the University of Delaware (UDel). 

A student reported the appearance of nooses hanging from a tree on Tuesday, prompting outcry from students and the community about the possibility of a hate crime like the one at Duke University this spring. UDel’s acting president Nancy Targett (pictured above) made a statement on the "hateful acts" before police concluded their investigation. Officers found that the ropes were from a hanging paper lantern display that hadn’t been properly taken down, and concluded that it wasn’t a hate crime. Targett later asked community members to join her for a campuswide discussion on the racial climate:


The result of the police investigation and the manner in which officials addressed the issue did little to dissuade community members’ concerns, as documented by CNN:



(H/t CNN