University of Cincinnati Police Officer Shoots Man In Head During Traffic Stop

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 22, 2015

On July 19, 2015, a University of Cincinnati police officer shot Samuel Dubose, 43, in the head during a traffic stop. Dubose, who was black, was unarmed. The officer, Ray Tensing, is white. He has been placed on administrative leave while city police investigate.

“This incident didn’t involve a Cincinnati Police Department officer, but it happened in our city, and it is our job to ensure this investigation is handled with the attention it deserves,” said city manager Harry Black.

According to University Police Chief Jason Goodrich, his department has an agreement with city police that authorizes its members to patrol areas near the campus. At a press conference on Monday, he reportedly said that Dubose was pulled over because his car was missing a front license plate. He said that the man failed to turn over his license and registration and instead handed the officer a bottle of alcohol. Tensing and Dubose struggled, the car rolled forward and knocked down the cop, and soon after, he shot Dubose. Goodrich confirmed that Dubose did not have a weapon.

There is video from Tensing’s body camera, but the department says it won’t release it until after the investigation has concluded. Dubose’s family wants to know how a traffic stop escalated into his death.

“It was unjustified. My son had no business getting killed,” said his mother, Audrey Dubose, following a vigil for Dubose. “I would love for the police officer that did this to let me know how could he put a gun to a human being’s head, any human being, not just my son.”