University Apologizes for Racist Policies, Immigration Reform Re-Routed

By The News Dec 01, 2008

Only 42% of Americans say US offers liberty and justice for all "A new poll from Rasmussen Reports indicates that although Americans strongly support the saying of the Pledge of Allegience, less than half of them believe that ‘the United States is truly the land of liberty and justice for all." Rasmussen Reports. University Apologizes for Racist Policies In South Carolina, Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian school, wants to be "post-race", too, and recently made an apology for its racist policies. In its statement of apology, the school admitted that discriminatory policies embedded on an institutional level that were "racially hurtful". MSNBC News. Immigration Reform Done Differently It looks like our nation’s immigration policies may be in for a fresh change. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano is expected to bring a tempered, level-headed approach toward a range of mismanaged immigration issues awaiting better reform, including border patrol policies, illegal hiring, and the immigration detention system. New York Times.