Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Add Up; Immigrants Aid Social Security Program to No Avail

By The News Apr 02, 2008

Undocumented Immigrants Get Shortchanged by Social Security A report released by the Social Security Trustees notes that because many immigrants put money into Social Security but never get to reap the benefits, the program is doing much better than expected. "More workers mean more tax revenue." New York Times. More Diverse Field for TV’s Political Pundits Some argue that analysts of color are limited to commenting only about race, others note that the major network political shows are still led by white men, but there has been undoubted increase in the number of both liberal and conservative pundits of color during this highly racialized political season. New York Times. Unemployment Rates Are Deceiving Not including the number of underemployed workers in the country, the 4.8 percent unemployment rate is misleading. Those who have given up looking for work, those limited to part-time jobs and those working as independent contractors are problems in the labor market not being addressed. Black Enterprise. Housing Crisis Effects Schools, Too Because schools are partially funded by property tax revenue, foreclosures in neighborhoods will greatly impact the funding for communities’ schools. Forbes.com