Undocumented Living? There’s an App for That

Ten Droid apps that may prove especially helpful if you're undocumented.

By Aura Bogado Jan 06, 2014

Living as an undocumented person in the United States means that, aside from the reality that you may be targeted for deportation at any moment, a lot of everyday activities are made a lot harder. 

Writer Erick Huerta, also known as El Random Hero, has rounded up ten Droid apps (sorry, iPhone users!) that are especially useful. Some of the apps are designed for Mexican nationals or people living in Los Angeles, none are exclusive to undocumented people, and all are free. Huerta points out those apps that he’s found most helpful as an undocumented person–and points out that some can be improved.

A quick sample includes:

Derechos Herencia
Finally, a know your rights app in Spanish that not only covers what you need to know about dealing with the police, but your rights when it comes to the Deprtment of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcing, Border Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The app was the result of an undocumented youth, Deyvid Morales, who was arrested by Border Patrol aboard a Greyhound Bus at a gas station. He fought his deportation and created this app to help others like him.

Los Angeles is big on cars–but, as Huerta points out, "driving while undocumented can results un numerous situations that that range from getting tickets to being deported." This app can help you avoid police checkpoints there.

Circle of 6
What if immigration officers come knocking at your door? This app alerts six of your closest friends or family members of a dangerous situation. Huerta’s brilliant suggestion? Make the app available in languages other than English to really unleash its potential.  

Check out Huerta’s full list on his blog, Just a Random Hero