Undocumented Harvard Student Allowed to Return to the U.S.

By Aura Bogado Oct 15, 2014

According to the Associated Press (AP), an undocumented student who left to Mexico in hopes of helping his mother battle cancer will be allowed to return to the United States on temporary humanitarian parole. 

Dario Guerrero Meneses, 21, is a student at Harvard. After his mother, 41-year-old Rocio Meneses Díaz, was unsuccessfully treated for cancer in the U.S., Guerrero accompanied her to Mexico for alternative care this past summer. Nevertheless, she passed away a week later, on August 14.

Guerrero’s lived almost his entire life in the U.S., first arriving at the age of 2. And although he obtained Deferred Status for Undocumented Immigrants, which largely protects him from deportation, Guerrero was ineligible to return immediately.

Guerrero, who will soon be a father himself, petitioned for the ability to return on humanitarian grounds through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services; he was approved Tuesday. AP posted his reaction and specified that the move doesn’t carve out a permanent solution:

"Oh my God. I don’t know. I feel good!" Guerrero said as the news brought tears of joy to his aunts and cousins. Guerrero said he was excited to resume his education and take up new family responsibilities.

This parole is temporary. It lasts for two years and does not give him legal residency, let alone a clear path to U.S. citizenship.

You can read the full story over at AP