UK Immigration: “One In, One Out”; New Yorkers Rally to Extend Voting Rights

By The News Sep 08, 2008

Britain plans to reduce immigration to ‘one in, one out’ "A cross-party parliamentary group – the first to tackle such a politically divisive issue – says net immigration must be reduced to zero, with the numbers arriving balanced by those leaving. " Telegraph Five years later, Amin brothers get green cards San Jose brothers Hassan and Ahmad Amin finally became legal permanent residents after a five year court battle that threatened to separate the two from their mother. Originally from Pakistan, the brothers were caught up in a controversial national security dragnet following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. San Jose Mercury News. Fat Joe Calls Daddy Yankee a Sellout After Daddy Yankee endorsed John McCain because he has "been a fighter for the Hispanic community," many Latinos who support Obama, including rapper Fat Joe, are calling the reggaeton artist a sellout. Fat Joe says he would like to sit down with the Puerto Rican MC and debate the issues. Georgia congressman didn’t know ‘uppity’ has racial overtones Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland from Georgia says he was simply describing the Obamas as elitist, and was not referring to race, when he called them "uppity." The Obama camp, a representative from Westmoreland’s office pointed out, did not address race in their response to the comment either. CNN. New York Immigrants Rally for Voting Rights Yesterday, the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights rallied outside City Hall in support of a bill that would extend voting rights to the millions of New York residents who pay taxes but cannot vote in elections. Mayor Bloomberg, who claims to be pro-immigrant, argues that voting is a privilege and should be reserved for citizens. New York Sun.