UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union Stages 4.5 Hour Campus Sit-in

By Jamilah King Dec 05, 2014

Black students at UC Berkeley staged a four and a half hour sit-in on campus Thursday to protest the extrajudicial killings of black men. The duration of the protest was a symbolic nod to the amount of time Mike Brown’s lifeless body lay in a Ferguson street in August.

According to Eater:

Around noon [on Thursday], the group blockaded The Golden Bear, one of Cal’s more popular spots for breakfast and lunch, tweeting that "No one eats until we get justice!" Surrounded by a 300-person crowd of sympathetic fellow students and community members, the students spoke out against the verdicts and a larger culture of systematic discrimination and violence by the police against the black community.

The students have continued their protest throughout the afternoon, demanding demilitarization of law enforcement, a national "End Racial Profiling" act, and investigation of the criminalization of communities of color.

(h/t Eater)